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Sacral Response Masterclass

Get clear on how to use your Sacral response 

Truly tapping into our Sacral Response is life-changing for Generators and MG's! 

Here is your permission to trust your energy and where it wants to flow.

You can watch the introduction above!

What you'll get:

  • 50+ minute video deep dive into the Sacral response (including real life examples)
  • Segmented version with questions for future reference
  • Lifetime access to course and video

Topics Covered: 


- What is the Sacral and how does it work?

- What does it mean to wait to respond?
- What guides the Sacral?
- How do we feel the Sacral response?
- How do we use our Sacral response if we have Sacral Authority?
- How do we use our Sacral response if we have Emotional Authority?
- Can we respond to things inside of us?
- Can the Sacral response "yes" to something that ends up being negative?
- Does having a defined Spleen affect our Sacral response?
- Does the Sacral response know things that we don't know?
- Does timing matter with our Sacral?
- How do you know if you're initiating?
- How do you tell the difference between a "no" and fear?
- How does trauma affect the Sacral response?
- What do you do if you're not sure if you're responding to something?
- What do you do when you feel no response?
- What if you're not getting a response when you usually do?


What People Are Saying:

“Loved the masterclass...makes me want more!”

Sarah - Generator

“Loved the Sacral Response Masterclass! Can't wait for more classes!”

Arielle - Generator