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We are in an epic time of change on our planet as we complete a 26,000 year cycle and enter a New Paradigm.


If you're reading this, you're part of it.


 In late January I got a massive download...


It said "The New Paradigm is here!" WOW. I felt it. While we have been making the shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius gradually for decades, everything just accelerated.

The pandemic is pushing us deeper into these energy shifts.

As we move into this new 2,200 year cycle, the laws of Earth change and what worked for us before stops working.

We have to adapt. And not only that - we want to adapt!

What does it mean to adapt to the Age of Aquarius?


For Generators and Manifesting Generators it means dropping the bullshit and conditioning, knowing how our energy was designed to move through the world and putting it toward things that energize us and feel like a resounding YES.

We are moving away from:


Naive, transcendental spirituality

In the past, "enlightenment" meant that we no longer reacted to the challenges of Earth; bypassing our emotions and bodily concerns was considered evolved.

Self-Sacrifice and Martyrdom

Only by giving our energy away to whomever needed or demanded it did we felt worthy or like our lives had meaning.


Hierarchies, Power Imbalances and Playing Roles

We organized our society with strict structures that assigned power and value to each person based on criteria decided on by people at the top.

And moving toward:

Grounded, soulful embodiment

We are no longer behaving so that we can get into Heaven. Instead we are creating Heaven on Earth by bringing more and more of our soul into our physical form.

Our individual joy, satisfaction, and gifts

Playing small no longer serves ANYONE. We serve the world through our own joy. By doing the things that we love and that feel natural to us, we uplift the entire planet.

A society that recognizes each individual's contribution as valuable

We each have a unique part to play and we are both sovereign and deeply connected (physically and through the internet!)

Why Human Design?


The question I'm always asking is: 


How can these tools go beyond the knowledge and make our lives better?

Well, if we want to:


- Make money doing something we love without burnout


- Feel energized by what we do


- Feel fulfilled in our relationships


...we have to know ourselves and work with our auras, instead of against them.


Having used Human Design to guide me through leaving an unsatisfying career and the creation of a business and life that feels like a huge YES, I can say that this works.

I created the New Paradigm Activation,

a 4-week transformational container for Generators

and Manifesting Generators

Here is what we will do together:

Week 1: Deep Dive

To connect to ourselves 


- Recalibrating our energy centers 

- Strengthening our magnetic aura

Week 2: Purpose

To know what we're here to do


- Going deep into our Profile and our role in the world

- How can Generators and Manifesting Generators navigate our life purpose?

Week 3: Boundaries

To maintain our sovereignty


- What do we truly want from our lives and how do we know what to pursue?

- What do we want for the world?

- How can we put that into practice in alignment with our design?

Week 4: Surrender 

To co-create with the universe


- Deepening our connection to the flow of our life force energy

- Expand our abundance mindset

Each week will include:


- An instructional video module


- Actionable exercises and steps that will propel you forward in living life as you


- An in-depth workbook section with journal prompts, Human Design info, and oracle/tarot card spreads


- Support and conversations in our private group

Add a Minimalist Oracle to your journey!

If you'd like to have the Minimalist Oracle come along with you on your Activation, you can add it for only $35 (and free shipping!). This is a very special offer for New Paradigm Activation participants :) It is usually $44! 

This offer is currently only US-based because of shipping craziness related to the pandemic, but if you're in another country and would like to order a discounted oracle with your Activation, send me an email at

Ready to move to your next level?

Self-Guided Workbook

$44.00 USD

  • Self-guided workbook, delivered via email on Mondays for 4 weeks, starting May 18th
  • (this offer does not include access to the group)

Join the Activation!

Self-Guided Workbook + Oracle Deck (US-only)

$79.00 USD

  • Everything in the Self-Guided Workbook offer
  • Oracle deck shipped to you! 
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